The Sentinels

Night owls have been around for hundreds of thousands of years to defend tribes against predators in the dark.

Approximately 100,000 years ago the first modern humans began migrating across the world. Our ancestors had to deal with ancestral predators; saber tooth tigers, giant hyenas, giant bears, lions, tigers, leopards; the list of deadly human-eating predators goes on. How did early humans survive? They created a system where roughly half of the tribe would sleep while the other half would stand guard and protect the families from the many ferocious predators. Scientists coined the term sentinels for these brave souls who were up defending the tribes.

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In modern day hunter-gather societies like the Hadza people of Tanzania, 40% of the adult population of the tribes were awake at night.

Past research has shown that about 40% -70% of a person's circadian rhythm, or body clock, is genetic. The rest is influenced by environment and, interestingly, age.

If you are a Night Owl, you have the DNA of our ancient defenders in your body. 40% of the world’s population are Night Owls. There is no longer a stigma. Be proud of who you are. You are a descendant of a defender. If it wasn’t for the bravery of the defenders, there would be no human race today. You are part of an elite club. The real problem is that society has changed. It’s no longer night to day. It’s 9 to 5.

And as a result, night owls suffer from serious health consequences such as increased risk for insomnia, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

At Lumos, we are working tirelessly to make lives better for night owls, starting with our product the Lumos Flux. Over the new few years, we will be working with governments to introduce flexible school start times, and flexible work schedules. So rest assured that your money spent will be going toward a cause for all your fellow night owls out there who may not be able to afford our glasses yet.

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