Lumos Flux

Light therapy glasses for night owls

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40% of our population are born night owls

Approximately 100 000 years ago, night owls served the purpose of defending the tribes against predators in the dark. They were known as the sentinels, and their cells have evolved over thousands of years with a mutation in the CLOCK gene. Today 40% of the population still carry that mutation, the night owls of the world.

However, the modern world has changed to a 9-5 schedule, and night owls are put at a disadvantage, as they are forced to follow a routine that is unaligned with their genetic clock. As a result, many night owls suffer from sleep deprivation, and are at higher risks for depression, insomnia, and heart disease.

Our Mission

Hang tight fellow night owls, as Lumos is actively working with politicians to introduce flexible school and work hours to your city. We are starting with controlled trials in high schools to quantify the health benefits of flexible hours, and will use this data to push for legislation changes in countries around the world.

And while we push for social change, we have something to help you cope.

Introducing Lumos Flux

Designed by former Apple Engineers

Clinically validated by Stanford Medicine

How Light Therapy Works

We use light to resync your circadian rhythm, using neurobiology

The ganglion cells that sit on the back of our eyes are sensitive to light. With the reception of light, multiple chemical reactions begin. Melatonin is generated to raise our mood and our bio-clock is synced to the light exposure accordingly

Wear your Lumos Flux for at least 30 minutes in the morning. And after 5 days, your biological clock will start adjusting to the glasses, and you will start to feel aligned with society again. As a bonus, Lumos Flux also blocks out the blue night at night to further promote your melatonin levels in the evening. We recommend wearing it for the whole day for the best results. 

"About 20 years ago, we found out that there was another type of cell in the eye that also responded to light – the intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell. These cells are most sensitive to blue light, which our cones don’t do a great job of detecting. So, this means that when you see blue light, it might not seem very bright, but it can still be having a powerful effect on your biology."

Our Innovative Glasses Design

Using the Rayleigh film effect, we created a pair of glasses that reflect light into your eyes while allowing you to still see through the lenses

Prescriptions, frame options and Insurance Coverage

With our state of the art technology and manufacturing, we can make a pair of glasses with your prescription, if you have any optometry needs, these glasses are insurable under eye-care insurances, whether it is for near sight, far sight, or bi-focals.

When you order on the day of our Indiegogo launch, simply enter in your prescription needs, and pick your favourite frame design and color.

Launching on Indiegogo in

*** Delivering the first 500 units in Jun 2020 ***